Jumat, 16 Oktober 2009

earth shaking(?)

helo B!today at 16.52 we had earthquaked !!!!!oh my just shock me and my sister was watching dvd and at first i didn't feel it haha until my sis shout "eh gempa bumi" i said "kapan?"then heard my maid from downstairs shouted"gempa gempa ayo keluar" and i just realised it!"ayo cepetan lari,keluar"-_- and i ran my ass of A.S.A.P our neighbor they were out from their house with bare foot!haha me too kinda like hurry,alhamdulillah it just quick huff.this is the second time loh emmmm scared sometimes but we can only pray to God to give all of us the best there is Amin ya Allah :)).okey now i will tell you about my exam it went pretty well hihi thanks for all your pray :)).emmmmm i'm study pretty hard those days haha now wanna refresh my mind for weekend.and feeling so happy,why?i'll tell yoou later!last thing don't forget follow my tweets people!!!Au revoir


Sabtu, 10 Oktober 2009

hai bloggie just quick updates i just study,study,study hell! so nervous about exam tommorow wish me luck

Jumat, 09 Oktober 2009


hi bloggie! long time no post huhu sorry school always always always been crazieh and next week we're having tes submatif~~ uhhhhhhhhhh.are you guys miss me?sure you are.
emmmm nothin' change a lot except my HEADER! uhuuuuuu finally i found an excuse for re-newing my header,do you like it?not?comment please.yeah it's all about my favorite things in the whole world... emm next how's your school?good?great?awesome?i hope so.mine is yeah kinda fine except for teeeeeeeeet (sensor) haha i can't tell you here guys.emm have you follow my tweets?follow please please i'll follow you back ko thanksthanksthanks.
currently i'm watching FH.what's FH anyway?find out yourself!haha i'm gonna give you one lil' clue it's korean drama-_- haha.you know it?sure yeah.
i wanna wanna enjoy my weekend and STUDY a lot maybe i can't that enjoy ulalala whatewver sometimes schools s**k.
and now i kinda have interest for fashion
industries actually since long time ago but know i REALLY are interested.like for models,designer,celeb fashion i wish i can make a fashion blog emm someday maybe haha.ok ok that's it wish me luck for my test will you??? Au revoir


Selasa, 29 September 2009

hi! lil' lazy to catch up with u guys.still had A LOT of assignment or/and homework to do uh hate it!tommorow going back to school so sorry if my updates slower you know school things,okey Gday pal!.don't forget follow my tweet yaps guys love ya!
au revoir!


Senin, 28 September 2009


helo blog!sorry so so so sorryyyyyyyyyy for late and lack of updates i still enjoy my holiday for 2 days last.why has to back school so early?huuu. happy ied everybody i wish you all forgive my mistakes(late i know)

and follow my tweets ya:gladyssamelita
thankies,au revoir!


Jumat, 28 Agustus 2009


hey bloggie !may i have permission to mixing language?thankies pal.
sososorry forlate update yaaaaa(padahal udah janji-_-)maaf ya karena kemaren 2 hari my internet connection failed!dammit bgt ga sih?.

emmmmm okey fasting went good but not on thursday it's all Deca and Rama fault!hhhh kenapa dys?batal di kfc deha~~at least we made fault once yea?i know it's not for public but i trust you hahaaaa-.
and still on thursday sekolah gw(sma 6)demo loh mogok belajar gt 1,5 jaman lah kurang lebih.have you seen it on tv or internet?not yet?poor you go check it pal!
another unimportantnes.
friday like another day school but after school i watched orphan movie with daniyah and nefrita.it was so fucking shocking and scaring but sooooo cool watch it guysssss!
today mau bukber gt sama junior high besties :)) gonna lovvvvvvvvve it/
need a damn looooooooong holiday
i don't wanna waste your time for another story to boring you

forget something. hardly can't wait for this one:

gossip girl all new episode 3.01 on sept 14th
hardly can't wait!

beautiful B!

Happy weekend everybody!have a nice one.Au revoir!


Sabtu, 22 Agustus 2009

Fasting #1

hello B!yesterday i forgot to to say"forgive me if i had a mistake"yeah it feels good after that.and Marhaban Ya Ramadhan guyss

my first fasting day went good.hope it's always like that tomorrow going to school again woooo lazy my bro and sis still have break until tomorrow huh so unfair!Au revoir